Bundle: Family Bread Box

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From the picky eaters to the health-conscious ones, this basket has something for everyone.

1 x LOAF RAISIN WALNUT (no walnuts version available)
10 x ASSORTED BAGELS (authentic NYC bagel made the old-fashioned way)
6 x SANDWICH BRIOCHE (the only true choice for gourmet burgers or jumbo lump crab cakes)
6 x RUSTIC SANDWICH SQUARE (compliment to any Italian basket)
1 x BOULE COUNTRY LARGE (Pain de Campagne – country bread in French)
1 x PULLMAN WHITE SLICED (excellent sandwich maker)
1 x PULLMAN WHEAT SLICED (great with soups, salads, cheeses, and sandwiches)
1 x FRENCH BAGUETTE (traditional long thin loaf, distinguished by its length and crisp thin-crust)

Please note that our bread does not contain any additives, preservatives, softeners, or antioxidants commonly used to extend shelf life and prevent spoiling. Please enjoy fresh products after delivery and freeze the rest to preserve freshness.