More Than a Bakery

Combining centuries-old traditions with
the passion of skilled artisans. 

What is Good Bread?

Natural simplicity has its virtues. Our devotion to genuine
ingredients and proven methods allow us to offer you the highest quality artisan bread.

Great bread is made with passion, but mostly with time.
Our dough rests and ferments slowly to capture the genuine flavor.
We blend passion and time to obtain a rich aroma for a fabulous taste to remember.

Cold Proofing and Bread Flavor

We have developed and patented
a unique cold proofing process
to enhance the flavor of our bread.

Cold Proofing is performed in our climate-controlled rooms with lower temperature and humidity than conventional proofing. This process allows our dough to develop a deeper complex flavor profile through interrupted timing. Think of aged wine or cheese… time creates a masterpiece.

Our Cold Proofing method requires different conditions and much more time.
We allow our creations to mature at 42 to 60 degrees at 80% humidity, permitting the yeast to work slower, so the maturation is more pronounced and layered. No conditioners or extenders, we bake real bread allowing time to develop its unique characteristics. Just like an exquisite bottle of wine, Hudson Bread is bursting with flavor.
Just like an exquisite bottle of wine, Hudson Bread is bursting with flavor.

Our dedication to baking the
world's best bread is tireless!

A Bite of History

The notion of a traditional artisan bakery is a deeply rooted dream of Mariusz Kolodziej. Having been exposed to the fine art of bread making in his father’s bakery in Poland, Kolodziej acquired the passion for and understanding of this craftsmanship at a very young age.

His enthusiasm for the trade escalated each year, as did the desire to start a bakery of his own. With a bit of luck and plenty of hard work, the dream became a reality in 1994 on the shore of the Hudson River in New York City. The Hudson Bread Company had been set into motion.

The bakery quickly gained respect and praise for its distinctive products as well as reliable service. With time it became the sole supplier of bread to many upscale restaurants and hotels in New York City. Vowing to never sacrifice quality for quantity, Kolodziej made sure that the products remained faithful to the artisan ways that inspired him to enter the business in the first place. He is proud to admit that fulfilling this promise is the secret to his continuing success.

To accommodate the growing demand without sacrificing the quality, Hudson Bread relocated its headquarters to North Bergen, NJ in 2003. Further success led to the opening of another location, this time in Cherry Hill, NJ, allowing Hudson Bread to penetrate the Philadelphia region.

It does not matter where Hudson Bread ventures; it is loved and praised by all.

Some of the Companies that acquired taste for our baking

The Team Behind the Ovens.

Great baking requires a great team.
Meet our team of experts who makes sure your crust is always crunchy.

Mariusz Kolodziej

Founder & CEO

Raymond Million

V.P. of Operations

Lucy Lubrano


Patrick Mizinski

Office Manager

Juliany Cruz

SQF Coordinator

Salvador Vidals

Head Baker

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